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Can Employees Refuse Drug Testing?

Employers have the right to implement their drug policy among their employees. If that drug policy includes a drug testing program, then an employer can ask employees to undergo drug tests. The question is, can employees refuse drug testing? An article by Mary Luros for the Napa Valley Register suggests that employees can’t, not when…

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The Different Types of Drug Test

The need for drug testing in the workplace is already being recognised by a growing number of employers. If you’re an employer, you need to be aware that there a number of drug testing methods available to you. To know your options, here is some information about the different types of drug test.

Concerns With Drug Testing in the Workplace

More and more employers are now implementing drug testing in the workplace. Private business and government agencies both are beginning to recognise how beneficial workplace drug testing can be. It is, however, not without issues. Controversies about drug testing abound, particularly when it’s random in nature or requires urine samples. Workers protest that drug tests of…

The Controversies Behind Workplace Drug Testing

Workplace drug testing has been around for some time now, but controversies continue to hound it. These controversies are hardly surprising. Workplace drug testing, after all, will always be a contentious matter because it essentially triggers a collision between the interests of the worker and the interests of the employer. Employers want them done in…