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Take a Drug Test If You Know You Will Fail?

Many employers are now requiring job applicants to undergo a drug test before they can get hired. If you’re one of those jobseekers and you know that you’ll fail the test, should you proceed with taking it? In an article for CareerRealism, J.T. O’Donnell says you shouldn’t, and proceeds to enumerate the reasons why.

How Reliable are Hair Drug Tests?

When implementing a workplace drug testing program, employers have a variety of testing methods to choose from. Hair drug testing is one of them, along with urine and saliva tests. At present, urine drug testing is proving to be the popular choice among employers. However, some are choosing hair drug testing for the purpose, and…

Grasping How Hair Drug Testing Works

Many employers are now implementing drug testing programs in their respective businesses. They use a variety of methods, including hair drug testing. This method works by identifying the drug metabolites that enter the scalp’s blood vessels and are filtered by the hair. The metabolites stay in the hair as some sort of a permanent record…