Drug use in Australia during COVID-19

Drug use in Australia soars during COVID

Drug use trends in Australia continue to rise despite the impact of COVID-19 and the implementation of lock down measures. With state and federal governments adopting COVID lock down measures, many people expected that they could help curb drug abuse trends in the country. In theory, the move would severely limit people’s ability to buy…

Drug abuse during COVID-19

Changing of the Guard – Drug Abuse During COVID-19

As Australia continues to grapple with COVID-19, the country also has to deal with an ongoing drug abuse problem. The federal and state governments adopted lock-down measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. They closed down all non-essential businesses including pubs and clubs, where people sometimes meet to buy and sell illicit drugs. But…

SafeWork Laboratories COVID 19 testing

SW Labs granted full NATA Accreditation for COVID-19 testing

The question many of our clients have been asking is ā€œdoes Safework Laboratories have the scope to test for COVID-19ā€? Over the past few weeks, our team in Western Australia have been working around the clock constructing a new laboratory, hiring new scientists, and applying for a brand-new NATA accreditation. We are excited to announce…

Drug use COVID 19

Drug use in Australia during COVID-19

The COVID-19 restrictions are impacting the lives of many Australians, including those engaged in illicit drug use. With the government limiting the public’s movement, it’s a lot harder to buy drugs these days. So what does this mean for drug abuse in the workplace? Can we really expect it to go down?

Safework Laboratories COVID-19 FAQ

FAQ: Drug Testing at Work During COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be one of the biggest public health challenges in recent history. The highly infectious disease has already spread to more than 190 countries and territories, infecting nearly half a million people and killing tens of thousands in its first three months. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has asked individuals…