Pre Employment Drug Testing


testing new staffHiring the right people

All employers desire to fill their ranks with the right people. After all, recruiting the most qualified applicants are absolutely essential to the success of any enterprise. In today’s economy, hiring only the best people has become more critical than ever. However, personnel recruitment involves more than just reviewing applicant’s resumes and making them sit through interviews. In this day and age, employers need to protect their business from the negative impact of drug abuse. According to the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 68.9% of illicit drug users aged 18 or older are employed full or part time. Employers have every right to make sure their workforce is free of drug abusers, and implementing a pre employment drug testing program is a step in the right direction.

Why Drug Test Applicants?

An applicant could have the most glowing resume and impressively hurdle a series of interviews. However, if that applicant actually abuses drugs on a regular basis but gets hired anyway, he or she is likely to put the organisation at a disadvantage at some point in the future.

For one, drug abuse can impact job performance. Illicit drug use has a myriad of adverse effects on the human body, and drug users are more likely to take more sick days, engage in absenteeism or just plain slack off at work for one reason or another. Productivity suffers when there’s a drug abuser in the workplace.

According to the Australian Drug Foundation, alcohol and drug use is costing Australian businesses $5.2 billion a year in hidden lost productivity and absenteeism. Aside from lost productivity and absenteeism, employers will also have to shoulder higher health care costs. Drug use can also affect workplace concentration and judgment, which makes the risk of workplace injury or death even higher, especially when the job involves the operation of heavy machinery. A workplace injury or death caused by drug abuse can expose the employer to substantial legal liabilities, which will cost them even more. According to

A drug abuser in the workforce puts the employer and other people in the workplace at risk. That risk needs to be reduced, and that is why many employers opt to perform pre employment drug testing.

pre employment drug testingWhat Is Tested?

A typical pre employment drug test screens for illicit drugs, including:

  • Cannabis
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Amphetamines
  • PCP

Depending on the employer, some pre employment drug tests may also screen for prescription drugs.

Safe Work Laboratories Pre Employment Drug Testing

At Safework Laboratories, pre employment drug testing is one of the several drug testing services that we perform under Australian Standards. Through on-site screening or at a Safe Work Laboratories location including laboratory analysis, our highly-trained field and lab staff are capable of testing for synthetic and designer drugs as well. Since every business and workforce is unique, our drug testing solutions are all done in accordance with a company’s policies and procedures.

If you need assistance in making your workplace safer, get in touch with us today and we’ll discuss the numerous options available to you.

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