Ensuring the Foundations are Stable

drug and alcohol policy

Most businesses have enough to do trying to squeeze everything into the day; trying to develop and integrate a cohesive strategy to deal with drugs and alcohol can seem like a time-consuming and difficult chore best put off.

Putting off the development of a drug and alcohol policy, however, would be a big mistake. In a world where a significant percentage of drug users are employed, not having a drug and alcohol policy in place is basically courting disaster on all fronts.

Apart from the heightened risk to the health and safety of everyone in the workplace, the absence of a drug and alcohol policy also opens the business up to a wide range of unwanted issues, from absenteeism and lost productivity to litigation costs that may arise if a worker suffers an injury or perishes from a drug or alcohol related workplace accident.

A clear drug and alcohol policy also educates the workforce about the dangers posed by drug and alcohol abuse not only to the workplace, but to their personal lives in general. Far too many families and relationships have been torn apart by alcohol and drugs.

With the drug education and awareness programs that are often integrated into a well-conceived drug and alcohol policy, everyone gets a chance to know the truth about drugs and alcohol and the consequences that their use and abuse can bring.

Developing a drug and alcohol policy need not be difficult

drug and alcohol policy development

We think developing your drug and alcohol policy can be a smooth and easy process when you let the experts assist. Our years of experience go into crafting programmes that speak to your staff, imparting all of our learning and understanding. We create policies to protect you, your employees, and your business.

SafeWork Laboratories can save you time, money and hassle with tailored plans that are clear, accurate and technically correct. We undertake to provide a document able to stand up to the toughest scrutiny of your legal advisers.

Our implementation phase is designed to slot into your existing business culture, covering the legalities and details, and leaving you well placed to operate a successful long-term programme.

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