2018 Prescription drug changes and implications for Drug and Alcohol policies

prescription drugs

On February 1st, 2018 codeine became a prescription-only drug in Australia. This includes advertised brand names such as Panadeine, Panadeine Forte, and Nurofen Plus.

What this means is that no over the counter medications purchased in Pharmacies or Supermarkets will contain codeine or opiates. This includes painkillers and cold and flu tablets.

This may have implications for many workplace Drug and Alcohol testing policies, specifically for declared medications.

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Unmasking Alcoholics Anonymous: Is the 12-Step Program really effective?

Alcoholics Anonymous for employees therapy sessionFor several decades, people unquestioningly believed that Alcoholics Anonymous was the solution to a drinking problem. Doctors and therapists have no qualms recommending AA to alcoholic patients, and an overwhelming majority of addiction treatment programs used the 12-step program.

But recent studies are challenging the long-held beliefs on the efficacy of AA.

If you suspect that your employees have alcohol abuse problems, you may thinking Alcoholics Anonymous for employees could be the answer. But the research into this notoriously secretive organisation have yielded some surprising results. (more…)

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Five Of The Biggest Drug Scandals Of 2016

surprising drug scandals of 2016Illegal drugs are becoming a huge bane to modern society. According to the website Drug Info nearly 15 percent of Australians are using illicit drugs.

Despite the fact that most drug users in Australia are in the age range of 21-27, there is an increase among the older age group who are using illicit drugs.

Worryingly, many teens as young as 14 years old are trying these illicit drugs out of curiosity or peer pressure.

The rise of performance enhancing drugs is also another problem that the world faces today. These unnatural performance enhancers are tainting the spirit of competition and fair-play in many sporting disciplines.

As the year ends, let us look back at the biggest illegal drug scandals of 2016.


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New Drug Prevention Program Identifies Personality Traits For Addiction

predict who are at risk for addictionResearchers in Canada have discovered a link between certain personality traits in children and the tendency to develop an addiction later in life. They are now rolling out a program that targets these high risk traits for addiction before they can cause problems.

The results are heartening and the identified traits can give us clues about risky behaviours in adults we should look out for in the workplace. (more…)

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