New Drug Testing Facility in Boggabri Opening

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In order to cater to the local mining industry in the North West, Frontline Diagnostics is setting up a new drug testing clinic in Boggabri on Wednesday. This drug testing clinic will provide on the spot drug testing services to both businesses and individuals in the area. Frontline Diagnostics is one of the leading names in the work drug testing industry. The new clinic will employ five highly trained technicians.

Services offered by the drug testing clinic by Frontline Diagnostics include complete screening and testing with thorough results analysis and concise reporting. They also offer policy consulting, procedure development support for regulating alcohol and other drugs in the workplace and education workshops and training. The said clinic will also have a purpose-built mobile clinic to provide a safe, hygienic, and private area to screen and test employees.

Michael White, managing director of Frontline Diagnostics, said that the newly opened clinic will provide an important service to the local mining industry in the North West. He also added that although the clinic will mainly test mine site visitors such as tradesmen who might not have up to date drug testing certificates, it will also conduct tests on local mines as part of a normal ongoing drug test.

“If these tradesmen cannot be tested locally they cannot go on the site and have to travel back to Newcastle to get their certificate up to date.

“Mines can be dangerous workplaces at the best of times, but when employees are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the risk of accident, injury or worse can be dramatically increased,” he said.

Businesses in Boggabri will hopefully welcome this new drug testing facility with open arms as most workers are currently forced to travel to other areas like Newcastle in order to get their certificates “updated”.

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Study Shows Cocaine Users have Increased Long Term Risk of Heart Attacks and Stroke

If you have ever wondered what other effect cocaine has on a user’s body, a study has just been published showing how cocaine increases the risk of heart attacks. According to the study, cocaine users have higher blood pressures and stiffer arteries which increases the long-term risk of heart attacks and stroke.

The study, conducted by the University of Sydney, analyses the chronic effect of the drug in people who consider themselves to be “social” users.

Click here to read the original article, as published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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Australian Crime Commission: Drug Use Reaching ‘Pandemic’ Proportions

drug use effectsA Growing Wave of Drug Use

In the words of Australian Drug Authorities: ” The growing multi-billion dollar trade of illicit drug use into and within Australia has reached “pandemic” proportions, destroying Australian lives at unprecedented rates.

To put this into perspective, Australian authorities claim that an illicit drug arrest is made every six minutes while a seizure is done every seven minutes. Over 2012 to 2013 alone, authorities seized over $2.7 billion worth of drugs according to an annual Australian Crime Commission Report.

Graham Aston, Victoria Police Commissioner, further added that the drugs that are being discovered and seized are just the “tip of the iceberg”.


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