UN Report: Australia Tops In Drug Use Worldwide

Australia tops in drug use worldwideThe United Nations has released its 2014 World Drug Report, and Australia has emerged with the not-so envious distinction of having a higher proportion of drug users than any other country in the world.

No. 1 in Ecstasy use

9NewsNational reports that the UN report pegged Australians as the top users of ecstasy in the world. The country also came in second, third, fourth, and seventh for opioid, methamphetamine, cocaine, and cannabis use, respectively. Worse, the report says drug use in all categories is bound to increase, as there is “a wide range of drug analogues and new psychoactive substances currently available in the Australian illicit drug market.”

This is a major cause for concern, considering the likelihood that many of these drug users are actually employed in various organisations in Australia. If anything, that should give us all the more reason to be alert and on the lookout for drug use by employees and colleagues in the workplace through our drug testing efforts. We at Frontline Diagnostics can help in this regard. Please contact us for a confidential discussion.

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Motivate Your Workforce to Stay Drug-Safe

motivate your workforce to stay drug-safeDrug users today are no longer your typical unemployed, living-in-the-streets type who do a wide range of deeds just to be able to score a fix. According to statistics, millions upon millions of any given country’s drug users these days are actually gainfully employed. Considering how dangerous and troublesome it would be for a workplace to have drug users in its ranks, it’s only but natural for many businesses—including Australian firms—to implement mandatory drug testing in the workplace.

The random nature of workplace drug testing definitely becomes a deterrent against drug use in the workplace and should keep any workforce on its toes. There are, however, far less intimidating ways to motivate your workforce to stay drug-safe.


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More Synthetic Cannabis Appearing In Australia

synthetic cannabisDespite the prohibition on the production, importation, and marketing of synthetic cannabis in Australia, the drug continues to make it into the country, according to a news release by the Western Australia Police.

Synthetic cannabis called Venom

The news release affirms the seizure of several kilograms of “Venom”, a type of synthetic cannabis which contains synthetic cannabinoids AM2201 and XLR-11 as its active ingredients. Both AM2201 and XLR-11 are Schedule 9 substances in the Poisons Act 1964, and their sale, possession, and supply are criminal offences.

Venom and other synthetic drugs like it belong to what is now referred to as new psychoactive substances or NPS, which are designed to mimic the effects of “regular” drugs such as cannabis, methamphetamines, and cocaine among others. These synthetic drugs, however, have unpredictable effects. There have been reports of elevated heart rate, blood pressure, anxiety, hallucinations, and even deaths after ingestion.

With the continued influx of such drugs into the country, employers, HR managers, and Health & Safety Officers must remain vigilant and alert to the continuing threat that substance abuse causes businesses in Australia, especially since these substance have yet to be detected by routine drug testing efforts.

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Newcastle: Truck Driver Died from Synthetic Drug

truck driver died from synthetic drugA synthetic drug belonging to the group of new psychoactive substances or NPS and mimicking the effects of methamphetamines is being pointed as the cause of death of a trucker from Newcastle.

A synthetic drug known as “Smokin Slurry”

According to a report by ABC News, Glenn Punch, 44, died of cardiac arrest and cerebral oedema that are said to be brought on by a synthetic drug called Alpha PVP or ‘smokin slurry’. The drug, which he and his girlfriend bought on different occasions from an adult store called Nauti and Nice, was mixed with water before Punch injected it into his veins.

The effects of this synthetic drug were immediate, as Punch became highly agitated and very strong, according to a security guard who witnessed him scale a 2.5-metre security fence at a shipping yard. The guard also saw Punch foam at the mouth before losing consciousness.

NPS are illegal in Australia, yet no criminal charges have been filed in relation to this case.

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The Risk of New Psychoactive Substances to the Public

new psychoactive substancesIf you think crystal meth, Ecstasy, cocaine, LSD, cannabis, and other well-known illicit drugs are dangerous, a new set of substances referred to as new psychoactive substances or NPS are now hitting the market and posing an even bigger danger to those who give them a try. An article in the Australian Drug Foundation elaborates on this new drug threat and more.


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Drug Abuse and its Impact in the Workplace

drug abuse in the workplaceThere was a time when drug abuse was perceived by the general public as something that only rock stars, celebrities, and spoiled rich kids indulge in. Obviously, it wasn’t true then, and it isn’t true now. Drug abuse has always been present in almost all sectors of society, including the workplace. It is, in fact, one of the biggest concerns of many business organisations today. To prove this, let’s talk about drug abuse and its impact in the workplace.


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Can Prescription Drugs Cause Dangers at the Workplace?

prescription drugs at the workplaceMuch has been said about the dangers of illicit substances such as cocaine or heroin. But it is only now that prescription drugs are getting some attention because of cases where they cause harm to users.

Prescription drug addiction is the most underreported and least understood of all substance addictions, and is a growing problem that should be taken as seriously as cocaine or heroin addiction.

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Mobile Drug Testing Clinics for Mudgee and Bathurst

mobile drug testing clinics for Mudgee and BathurstIn order to provide service to more people in the mining Industry, Frontline Diagnostics is looking at providing mobile drug testing clinics to serve Mudgee and Bathurst. These clinics are seen as the solution to concerns of both business owners and employees who need nearby on-the-spot mobile testing clinics.

This plan just followed a recent step taken by Frontline Diagnostics of taking its drug testing clinics nearer to the mining industry of Boggabri. According to Michael White, the company is looking into the idea of opening mobile clinics to service its patrons.

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