Workers’ Drug Use Burdens US Factories

factory workers in the USFactories are busy places, especially those that operate on a 24-hour production basis. Unlike office work, factory work requires that all personnel — from the factory floor staff to the managers — approach their jobs as methodically, purposefully, and focused as they can make it. One slip up, and the results could be disastrous. The products being produced could come up as defective. Worse, people could get hurt, lose a limb, or even lose their lives, what with all the heavy machinery that’s being operated all around. (more…)

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Study Suggests E-Cigarettes are Gateway Drugs

e-cigarette smokingIf you think substituting e-cigarettes for real cigarettes is a healthier choice, a new study is suggesting otherwise. The study, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, says e-cigarettes could actually serve as a gateway drug to users which will make them more likely to use and get hooked on cocaine and other illicit drugs.


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Key Considerations On Workplace Drug Testing

drug testThe number of businesses that perform drug tests in the workplace is increasing dramatically, which is a good thing. However, some companies have drug policies that aren’t all that clear about its stipulations, and that could lead to certain issues that can put the business in a tricky situation if and when an employee is caught violating its drug policy. A clearly worded policy is absolutely important, and this need is underscored in Cosgrove v Kuehne and Nagel Ltd, a case in which an employee dismissed for failing a drug test successfully claimed unfair dismissal. (more…)

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