AU Drug Arrests and Seizures Hit Record High

drug arrests and seizuresThe Australian Crime Commission has released its annual illicit drug data report, which reveals that law enforcement has achieved a record high in the last financial year in terms of drug arrests and seizures, says Dan Harrison and Fergus Hunter in a report for The Sydney Morning Herald.

According to the ACC report, illicit drug arrests in 2013-2014 reached 112,000, which reflects a 10 per cent increase on the previous year. Illicit drug seizures, on the other hand, were pegged at 93,000, a seven per cent rise on 2012-13.

These seizures include a single 10-tonne seizure of benzaldehyde, a chemical used to make methamphetamine or ice, in Victoria, which is facing a huge problem with the drug.

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Aussies Are World’s Top Illicit Drug Users, Says Study

top illicit drug users

A report by ABC News reveals that Australians are the top illicit drug users in the world based on the findings of the world’s first comprehensive study on global addictions.

The study, which was conducted by the University of Adelaide, says that in the last 12 months, more Australians have used cannabis, ecstasy and amphetamine-type drugs than any other people on the planet. The report says 10.3 per cent of Australians smoked cannabis at least once, three per cent used ecstasy, and 2.1 per cent used amphetamine-type drugs in the same 12-month period.

When it comes to alcohol use, however, Australia falls behind the United Kingdom and the United States, with only 3.7 per cent of Australians considered to have an alcohol use disorder. According to the report, 12.1 percent of Britons and 7.8 percent of Americans are having alcohol problems.

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War Vs. Ice Epidemic Gets $800K Boost From ACT Government

The ACT governmentice epidemic00 more to the fight against the ongoing ice epidemic, bringing the funding for its campaign against the drug to $17.2 million next financial year, says Tom McIlroy in a report for The Canberra Times.

According to Health Minister Simon Corbell, the funding boost is meant to help Canberra-based non-government organisations with their drug treatment and support service work.

The Canberra Alliance for Harm Minimisation and Advocacy will get $115,000 to help launch a pilot program for naloxone overdose management. The Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug Association ACT, meanwhile, will receive $115,000 to increase its work capacity. Six other organisations that offer similar drug treatment and support services will get the rest of the funding.

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Drug Testing in the Workplace As a Health and Well-being Issue

workplace drug testingCompared to a decade or so ago, workplace drug testing is already commonplace these days. Yet the practice remains a touchy issue for many people, with claims of unfair dismissal or any other litigious reason attached to practically every single sacking that involves drugs or alcohol. In most cases, workplace drug testing is often seen by employers as an instrument for terminating employees who fail them. There are camps, however, that believe workplace drug testing should be treated as a health and well-being issue.


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