Price of Ice in Sydney Plunges

The ice epidemic in Australia is making a turn for the worse as the price of ice in Sydney falls, say Emma Partridge and Eamonn Duff in a report for the Brisbane Times.

According to police sources, ice is now being sold for as little as $6000 an ounce in regional areas, a major drop from the price of ice three years ago, when it was pegged at $10,000 and $14,000 an ounce. In towns like Newcastle, a single ‘point’ hit of ice now sells for as little as $40.

The drop in the price of ice is being blamed on the influx of chemical ingredients from China that are entering Australia legally. Ice is primarily made of pseudoephedrine, iodine and hypophosphorous acid.

Police also points to the rise of “backyard” labs and opportunists using internet recipes as another reason for the plunge in the price of ice.

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Urine Drug Test Basics

urine drug testThe urine drug test is the most common method of workplace drug testing. In the interest of providing employees a safe and healthy working environment, many employers use the method for its proven quickness and accuracy in detecting traces of drugs in one’s urine sample. Also known as a urine drug screen or UDS, a urine drug test can help employers and employees alike to avoid hazardous situations that could result in injuries and deaths.


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7 Useful Facts Regarding Drug Testing in the Workplace

drug testing in the workplaceToday, drug testing in the workplace has become commonplace in our society. Each passing day sees more and more employers starting to realise how important establishing a workplace drug policy—and a drug testing program—can be in helping keep the health and safety of every single worker in their employ.

If you’re one of those employers that have yet to create and implement a drug testing program, here are a number of interesting facts about drug testing in the workplace that could prove to be useful in preparing you for what lies ahead.


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Most Aussies Support Medical Cannabis Ahead of Parliament Vote

medical cannabisA new survey reveals that more than two-thirds of Australians support the use of medical cannabis for people suffering from chronic pain and illness, says Adam Gartrell in a report for The Sydney Morning Herald.

The survey, which was conducted by Palliative Care Australia, found that 67 per cent of the 1006 people surveyed from across the country back medical cannabis, while only nine per cent oppose it.

The results of the survey comes as the Federal Parliament deliberates and votes on a cannabis legalisation bill this month. Once the bill, which has the backing of Prime Minister Tony Abbott, is approved, the production, distribution and use of medicinal cannabis will become the responsibility of the federal government.

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