Alcohol Abuse Has to be Addressed Now

alcohol abuseOne of the biggest health problems in Australia today is alcohol abuse, and Australians need to tackle this problem now, says Brian Owler in an article for The Sydney Morning Herald.

As a doctor, Owler said he has had to personally deal with the consequences of alcohol abuse, including injuries from accidents as well as violence—domestic or otherwise—that is triggered by alcohol abuse. He also stresses out that alcohol abuse could lead to a number of medical conditions such as cardiovascular problems, liver disease, sleep disorders and even cancer.

The cost of alcohol is also quite high. According to Owler, the economic costs of alcohol abuse can be pegged between $16 billion to $36 billion.

Tackling alcohol abuse, says Owler, would require parental oversight and responsibility as well as the implementation of more stringent policies by both federal and state governments.

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