Drug and Alcohol Abuse Spurred By High Unemployment Rates

high unemployment ratesA top addiction research centre has testified before a Federal Senate inquiry that high unemployment rates are driving many regional Australians to abuse drugs and alcohol, says Geoff Egan in a report for the Sunshine Coast Daily.

Professor Ann Roche, director of the Flinders University National Centre for Education on Training and Addiction, told the Senate Committee inquiry into ice in July that residents of regional and rural areas—where life opportunities tend to be scarce—are especially vulnerable to abusing alcohol and drugs, including crystal meth or ice.

“The individuals in those communities are more vulnerable to the use of substances that are basically going to make them feel better when life is not looking particularly good,” Roche told the committee at the meeting in Mount Gambia in South Australia.

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Drug Testing For eSports to Be Imposed

If you thought only athletes from traditional sports are prone to taking performance-enhancing drugs, think again. With the admission of some professional gamers that they have been boosting their performance levels by taking drugs like Adderall, pro gaming league ESL has taken the initiative to actually implement drug testing procedures on gamers who join its tournaments.


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