Prescription Drug Abuse More Dangerous than Illicit Drugs – 12 Reasons Why

prescription drug abuseThe decades-old War on Drugs has successfully driven into our heads that illicit drugs like cocaine, heroin and ice are society’s worst enemy, and are therefore the most dangerous of all. What many don’t realise, however, is that there’s a group of even more dangerous drugs, and all one needs to buy them is a doctor’s prescription.

That’s right: Prescription drug abuse is more dangerous than illicit drug abuse. In Australia, the ice epidemic may be hogging the headlines, but according to the Australian Medical Association (AMA), prescription drug abuse is killing more people. In fact, says the AMA, prescription drug abuse is a national emergency already.

Why is prescription drug abuse more dangerous than illicit drug abuse? Listed below are 12 reasons, some of which may come as a complete surprise.


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