9 Drug Addiction Stereotypes That No Longer Apply In Today’s World

drug addiction stereotypesDrug addiction stereotypes have been in existence for as long as drug addiction itself. We all have preconceived notions that only these certain types of people can be hooked on drugs. We all were sure that people who looked a certain way are drug addicts. We often assume that a person is a drug addict because of a certain background. We could never be more wrong, especially in these days when drug addiction has weaved itself into the very fabric of society. All we have now are drug addiction stereotypes that no longer apply in general. Here are 9 of them, with one drug addiction stereotype that is just so wrong no matter how you look at it.


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Tell-tale Symptoms of Drug Use in the Workplace

drug addiction symptoms

Millions of people around the world struggle with drug addiction, and a significant percentage of drug addicts are actually employed in one capacity or another. That can be quite worrisome for employers, as drug addicts can cause a lot of problems in the workplace, and costly ones at that. Anyone who is under the influence of a certain addictive substance can cause an accident that could lead to injury or death. To make things worse, the personnel involved in any drug-related workplace incident can file suit against their employer. That means litigation costs which could skyrocket if such a case drags on.

With all the problems presented by drug addiction in the workplace, it is of paramount importance for employers, safety and HR officers to know the signs of drug addiction. While being an expert at detecting drug addiction will take some training and experience, there are certain signs of drug addiction that eventually manifest themselves. Let the videos featured below discuss tips on how to detect drug addiction.

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10 Synthetic Marijuana Horror Stories

synthetic marijuanaEvery dangerous drug has its own archive of horror stories involving its users, abusers and addicts. Synthetic drugs, however, are in a league of their own as far as horrific tales are concerned. In a nutshell, most incidents that involve synthetic drugs—synthetic marijuana in particular—are marked not so much by the consequences of repeated or prolonged use, but by the sudden and often unpredictable nature of its effects, which sometimes set in even after just ONE hit. That makes more synthetic marijuana more dangerous than ice, heroin or any of the “traditional” drugs we have all come to despise, as the synthetic marijuana horror stories we are featuring in this piece would attest.

Before we delve into the synthetic marijuana horror stories listed below, let us first take a closer look at the drug and see why it poses such a danger to anyone who uses it.


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Helping a Co-worker With a Drug Problem

colleague with a drug problemIt’s hard enough to deal with a close friend or family member who has a drug problem. In most cases, you can expect a lot of drama—and even violence in some cases—if and when you muster enough courage to stage an intervention and convince your drug-addicted loved one to get help. So you can only imagine how much harder helping a drug addict can be if that person is someone you work with.

Helping a colleague with a drug problem is, without a doubt, a daunting task for anyone in the workplace. However, no one can deny that it’s an issue that needs to be immediately addressed. Ignore the problem, and you can only expect your colleague’s drug issues to have an impact on the productivity, health and safety of the entire workplace.


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