Drug-safe Building Sites Becoming a Reality – A Partnership is Born

drug-safe building sitesAround two years ago, the Master Builders Association ACT and Frontline Diagnostics started a conversation regarding the disturbingly high incidence of alcohol and other drug use within the building and construction industry (now stands at 20%, or 1 in 5 workers).

It was agreed between the two management bodies that an approach to Government may have some positive response, particularly with the ICE epidemic growing steadily.

MBA ACT and Frontline Diagnostics wished to indicate a leadership response in addressing the growing drug issues.

What wasn’t expected was for the Federal Govt. to take the leadership role and introduce legislation that could herald the start of a new responsible approach to workplace safety.


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Top 10 Booze Filled Office Christmas Party Fails

company Christmas partyBy nature, company Christmas parties are fun. They’re supposed to be at least. After all, it’s practically the only time of the year when everyone at the office gathers in one venue not to work, but to let their hair down even for just one night. The thing is, some do more than just let their hair down.

Over the years, we have learned that there will always be “that guy” (or girl, whatever the case may be) who does something so embarrassing at the office Christmas party that will be talked about for years to come. And, more often than not, these office Christmas party fails are fueled by alcohol.


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Golden State Warriors Needed No Drugs to Match 15-0 Record

Golden State WarriorsDefending NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors, are now among the best teams in NBA history after beating the Denver Nuggets 118-105 on Sunday night to match the league record for the best start to a regular season. With 15 wins and no losses, the Dubs–which include our very own Andrew Bogut–are now on the same pedestal as the 1948-49 Washington Capitols, playing in the then Basketball Association of America, and the 1993-94 NBA title-winning Houston Rockets. The best part is that they did it without having to resort to drugs that would enhance their performance.


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Ice Addiction – 12 Worrisome Facts You Have Not Heard Of

ice addictionAustralia is said to be facing an ice epidemic, and as former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott emphatically declared early this year, it is the worst drug problem the nation has had to deal with.

What makes ice—the name the stimulant drug crystal methamphetamine is known by in Australia—raise such alarm bells? Why is this drug getting that kind of attention from government and the media? What is it with ice addiction that makes it such a worrisome issue not only in Australia but in many other countries as well?

Here are 12 worrisome facts that you must know about ice addiction, some of them you probably haven’t heard about before.


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