Five Insane Workplace Drug Addiction Stories

wild runaway workplace drug addiction

We all know that drug addiction in the workplace is one of the worst and potentially devastating problems your company can encounter.

It is not easy to spot drug addicts among the staff, as most of the time drug users are extremely good at hiding their habits.

However, here is a selection of examples where drug users were not quite as successful in hiding those habits…

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How to guard against synthetic drug abuse at work

Keeping synthetic drug abuse in the workplace a secret

Synthetic drug abuse in the workplace is a serious problem, but sadly it’s not being discussed enough. Drug users are typically very good at hiding their habits, especially if they’re at work. And as a society, we’re generally taught not to tell on our coworkers. This makes it harder to address the situation.

However, as a business leader, your duty involves keeping your company and employees safe. You need to confront your workers if you think they’re posing a serious threat not only to themselves but others as well. This includes taking on the issue of synthetic drug abuse at work no matter how difficult the conversation might be.

What dangers do synthetic drugs pose to the workers? How can you protect your workplace from the impacts of these drugs? Read on to find out the answers.

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CBD vs THC – Everything You Need to Know About Medicinal Cannabis

Various CBD and THC products

CBD and THC are two of the most popular chemical compounds found in marijuana (Cannabis sativa) plant. Recent studies have shown the potential of these cannabinoids to be used in medical treatments. However, they can still cause some negative side effects especially when not taken properly.

As an employer, it’s best to know how CBD and THC can affect your workers’ health and performance. Understanding the impacts of medicinal cannabis on your employees can help protect your company from potential workplace accidents.

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Is CBD Oil Consumption Safe for the Workplace?

Low-dose CBD oils (cannabidiol) are now available in Australian pharmacies

Pharmacies in Australia now sell low-dose CBD oil without the need for a prescription as of 1 February 2021. The news comes after the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) announced a final decision to down-schedule certain CBD products. This marks the first time that the mood-altering substance is made available to the public through pharmacies.

With easier access to CBD oils, what does this mean for workers taking the substance? Will it lead to higher usage rates in the workplace? Can it show up as false positives in drug testing?

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ToxWipe 7 – Our Most Comprehensive Onsite Oral Drug Testing Device

oral drug test kit

The most recent Australian Standard for drug testing in oral fluid (AS/NZS 4760:2019) was released in March 2019. Since then, manufacturers of onsite oral fluid devices have been hard at work to develop devices to meet the new requirements.

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new, independently verified onsite oral fluid device to AS/NZS 4760:2019 – the ToxWipe 7.

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Ice production and availability on increase despite record seizures by Police

Ice production in a meth laboratory

Illicit drug makers are finding new and creative ways to continue their ice production while trying to avoid the law. Recent government crackdowns on pseudoephedrine supply chains have severely limited access to ice ingredients. However, instead of discouraging illegal activities, the move may have even intensified drug production and availability.

A United Nations report revealed that crime groups have begun using more diverse chemical sets in their drugs. With ephedrine and pseudoephedrine supplies dwindling, some criminals are now experimenting with less conventional but equally potent alternatives. Authorities warn that this could lead to harder and more dangerous ice variants making their way to the streets.

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Cocaine use still growing despite COVID-19

cocaine use in Australia

Australia’s problem with widespread cocaine use continues despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Sydney police conducted major drug busts related to so-called ‘Dial-a-Dealer’ operations in the city from November to December 2020. Officers seized more than $170,000 worth of illicit drugs including cocaine, cannabis and MDMA. They also arrested 137 people, some of which were professionals with decent jobs.

What’s so alarming about the case is how easy it has become for drug dealers to peddle their wares. Many of them have developed a delivery system where buyers only need to call a designated phone number. Dealers would then bring the drugs to the buyer’s preferred location. This is likely because of the impact of COVID-19 restrictions throughout the country.

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Workplace Safety Acronyms: WHS, OHS, OSH, SMS & CoR

Workplace safety acronyms and signs

Every business leader needs to be familiar with the different workplace safety acronyms. Depending on where your business is located, you might see WHS, OHS or OSH in your company’s occupational safety policy.

Most of these terms have practically the same meaning. However, some states and organisations prefer to use certain acronyms in their legal documents. It’s important that you know when and where each term can be used.

Here’s our simple guide to understanding the most common workplace safety acronyms.

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