Reports of drug busts in the city just reveal the big issue of drug use in Sydney and across NSW. Even in what might be considered low-drug-risk white collar professions.

The number of illicit drugs being trafficked is not the only thing that is shocking in the capital city. In such a lucrative market, dubbed as “the cocaine capital of Australia,” it’s no secret that many drug users in Sydney work in white collar professions

However, you may not expect those to illicit drug dealers to come from respectable backgrounds and well-regarded professions as well. In Sydney, real estate agents, models, and famous pilates instructors provide cocaine to others within their circle. 

Patterns of drug trafficking and drug use in Sydney are clearly a cause for concern for any company. 

As the authorities do their job to stamp out uncontrolled illicit drug consumption, are you doing everything you can as a business owner to protect your workplace and employees from the impacts of illicit drug use? 

Keep Your Employees and Workplace Safe From Drug Related Accidents

drug-related workplace accident

There are high costs associated with employees who use illicit drugs. Alcohol and other drugs cost Australian businesses billions of dollars each year. However, the costs are not entirely financial. There’s a high employee turnover rate, a dip in productivity, more sick days and absenteeism.  

Furthermore, a drug user at work harms company morale. Company culture will suffer since drug users’ behaviour is erratic, unstable, and a danger not only to themselves but also to your other employees. 

Promoting a healthy work environment benefits not just your employees but also your business and bottom line. 

Avoid Legal Liabilities by Drug Testing in Sydney

Another high cost of drug abuse at work is legal liabilities. Following any drug-related incident at work, you could be looking at Workmans’ Compensation costs and potential lawsuits that could ruin everything — your business and investment — that you worked hard for. 

Safework Laboratories provides drug and alcohol testing services in Sydney that protect the safety of your company and employees. Our breadth of experience enables us to create individualized solutions and tailor-made drug programmes for your business. 

A Drug Testing Company with a Drug Testing Laboratories Nationwide

Australia wide network of drug testing labs

Safework laboratories own and operate a National Network of drug testing laboratories, which saves you money and time. We guarantee a 24-hour turnaround of results so you can address issues immediately. 

Another determination of ours is to provide drug and alcohol testing services to businesses with minimal disruption to operations. We are perfectly capable of setting up on-site drug testing centres or have our well-equipped, hygienic, and sterile mobile clinics come to you. 

We offer you choices with regards to drug testing and let you choose what you are most comfortable with. Drug testing in Sydney and across NSW has never been easier.

Drug and Alcohol Testing in Sydney

Safework Laboratories offers a broad range of testing capabilities, from designer drugs to synthetic urine and hair analysis. Apart from drug and alcohol testing in Sydney, we also provide drug and alcohol policy advice and training and education.

Ultimately, it is your legal obligation to provide a safe and healthy working environment for your employees. Safework Laboratories helps you comply with Australian employment and labour laws and address alcohol and other drugs use at work.

If you are ready to implement changes to your company policy, talk to us today

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