Pre-Employment Medicals in Perth


Pre-employment assessments are an essential part of a successful recruitment process and Safework Laboratories offers a convenient and comprehensive solution to meet your occupational health needs. SW Labs provides our clients with the ease of an online booking platform, options to tailor the baseline pre-employment medical and wherever possible, same day reporting.

Recruiters have a responsibility to ensure prospective employees are physically and medically fit to undertake the tasks required of the role. SW Labs employs registered doctors & occupational health nurses experienced in occupational health to perform pre-employment medicals, giving you confidence in the results.

Components of pre-employment medicals may include but are not limited to:

  • Occupational and Medical History Questionnaire
  • Drug Screening to Australian Standards
  • Audiometry screening
  • Vision (including colour vision) Assessment
  • Spirometry
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Musculoskeletal Assessment
  • 12 Lead Passive ECG
  • Diabetes Testing (fasting glucose)
  • Pathology Blood Testing (total lipids profile, HbA1C, fasting glucose)

Service Delivery

Subject to pathology requests and specialist referrals, SW Labs aim to complete the pre-employment medical and provide the final report to the employer within 24 hours of the appointment.

Our pre-employment medicals are developed using a variety of job role position descriptions. This includes everything from office/administrative roles requiring lower physical demand and less clinical assessment to those requiring greater physical demand, blood tests and more detailed clinical assessment.

Our offering is in line with most employer requirements and additional services including COVID-19 PCR testing and vaccination services can be added as required.

Our pre-employment medicals have been structured this way for consistency in approach and pricing transparency.

24 hours turnaround

24 hours turnaround


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To learn more about our Perth based pre-employment medical service please contact us on 1300 795 227 or via our contact page.