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Facts About Alcohol and Other Drugs in the Workplace

As a company at the forefront of alcohol and other drug (AOD) solutions in the workplace, SafeWork Laboratories is always seeking to better understand the issues involved. Some of the more startling statistics we’ve discovered:

  • Lost productivity due to AOD abuse has been estimated to cost employers in Australia $16 billion annually.
  • Alcohol is the second greatest cause of drug-related and hospitalisations in Australia.
    14.15% of males aged 20-39 drank at the workplace.
  • In 2001, almost six million Australians aged 14 years and over had used an illegal drug.
  • The most commonly used drugs, in descending order are: cannabis, ecstasy, methamphetamine/amphetamine, and painkillers/analgesics.
  • Approximately 3.7% of the Australian workforce reported alcohol-related absenteeism in a 2006 survey.
  • Almost 70% of Australian illegal drug users are employed.
  • According to Workcover statistics, in serious workplace accidents where alcohol or other drugs are present, 80% of the injured are non-users at work.
  • 26% of Australian psychiatric patients have a dependency on marijuana.
  • 80% of the crime committed in Australia is drug related.
  • Mixing marijuana with alcohol increases the risk of having an accident from 3 to 48 times.
  • Two out of three drug users will find it difficult to abstain for a whole day and will ‘top-up’ at work.

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