Drug Testing Jobs – Employment Opportunities


We’re a growing company always looking for enthusiastic and talented career-minded people who can help us remain Australia’s leaders in testing and screening. With the drug testing jobs that we offer, we believe that, with your help, we can make Australia’s workplaces healthier and safer.

We have roles in management, support or field collection that require high quality on-site drug and alcohol testing and screening services.

The importance of drug and alcohol testing

According to the United Nations’ 2014 World Drug Report, the use of illicit substances in Australia is more extensive than in other nations around the world. The UN report says Australians ranked seventh in cannabis use, fourth in cocaine use, and number one in ecstasy use. There is also a growing ice epidemic in Australia, which is affecting even children as young as 12.

What’s alarming is that a significant number of these drug users are actually employed, and they can take a huge toll on employers. Apart from the higher risk of workplace accidents, drug and alcohol abusers in the workforce can also cost employers billions of dollars in absenteeism, lower productivity and Workers Compensation.

Employers need to protect themselves and their workforce. Drug and alcohol testing can help them do just that, and more.

Future for drug and alcohol testing getting brighter

drug testing in the construction industryIn 2015, the Australian government introduced landmark amendments to the Building Code. To ensure higher standards of workplace safety in the construction sector, the amended Building Code has made drug and alcohol testing a requirement for construction sites.

Considering the high risk nature of the construction industry, the Building Code amendments are a welcome development for employers and employees alike. The changes are expected to reduce the risk of workplace accidents. While drug and alcohol testing may not completely eliminate incidents that arise from the use of heavy machinery, mobile equipment and working in congested areas and from heights, it will certainly help identify drug and alcohol abusers among the workforce. Once these substance abusers are identified, they can be promptly pulled out from safety-sensitive tasks, thereby keeping themselves and everyone else in the workplace safer.

There are many other high risk industries out there. The mining sector, for instance, has been repeatedly reported as an industry where ice use is rampant among its workers. Hopefully, the Australian government’s decision to make drug testing in the construction industry mandatory will only be the first of its kind.

Requirements for our drug testing jobs

If you are interested in joining our friendly team, the skills we value most include:

  • Ability to follow strict procedures
  • High levels of verbal and written accuracy
  • Ability to handle sensitive situations
  • Ability to handle confidential information
  • Enthusiastic and ability to self-manage
  • Efficient and ability to provide timely reporting
  • Driver’s license
  • Being a team player
  • Valuing others
  • In many roles a uniform is supplied and full training is given. Previous experience in pathology collection or nursing would be an advantage.

You can e-mail your CV to us at info@swlabs.com.au.