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Casual Ice User Talks about the Drug

Much has been said by experts and addiction treatment professionals about the dangers of crystal meth, more popularly known as ice. However, it’s quite interesting when you hear an actual casual ice user talk about the drug, which is exactly what Matt Noffs makes possible in an article for The Age.

How to Reduce Accidents in the Workplace

Accidents can happen anywhere, to anybody, at any time. While they can never be 100% prevented, we can reduce the risks of an accident, particularly in the workplace. Preventing accidents in the workplace is primarily the responsibility of the employer, but it will also require the cooperation of the people in the workforce. After all,…

The Role of Colleagues in Workplace Drug Safety

There was a time when drug and alcohol abuse was closely associated with unemployment, that those who regularly abuse alcohol and illegal drugs typically have no stable jobs to speak of. These days, however, that is no longer the case. Many of today’s substance abusers are gainfully employed. Their substance abuse problems, however, can cause…