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Key Considerations On Workplace Drug Testing

The number of businesses that perform drug tests in the workplace is increasing dramatically, which is a good thing. However, some companies have drug policies that aren’t all that clear about its stipulations, and that could lead to certain issues that can put the business in a tricky situation if and when an employee is…

Studies Prove Alcohol Destroys Lives

Illicit drugs like cocaine, heroin, and ice are inherently dangerous. They wreak havoc on the brain, heart, liver, and other vital organs in the body. They alter how a person looks or acts. They destroy lives. For that very reason, governments have declared them illegal, and rightly so. Severe punishments await those caught violating laws…

Casual Ice User Talks about the Drug

Much has been said by experts and addiction treatment professionals about the dangers of crystal meth, more popularly known as ice. However, it’s quite interesting when you hear an actual casual ice user talk about the drug, which is exactly what Matt Noffs makes possible in an article for The Age.