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Grasping How Hair Drug Testing Works

Many employers are now implementing drug testing programs in their respective businesses. They use a variety of methods, including hair drug testing. This method works by identifying the drug metabolites that enter the scalp’s blood vessels and are filtered by the hair. The metabolites stay in the hair as some sort of a permanent record…

Can Employees Refuse Drug Testing?

Employers have the right to implement their drug policy among their employees. If that drug policy includes a drug testing program, then an employer can ask employees to undergo drug tests. The question is, can employees refuse drug testing? An article by Mary Luros for the Napa Valley Register suggests that employees can’t, not when…

Why Do People Take Drugs?

Practically everyone knows that using drugs like cocaine, heroin, ice, cannabis, and even alcohol have adverse effects on one’s health, among other things. Yet even with this knowledge, far too many people worldwide still abuse and overuse these substances. Why do people take drugs and alcohol?