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truth about drug abuse white collar professions

The Truth About Drug Abuse In White Collar Professions

When thinking of a drug addict, most people picture someone lowly educated and living off crime. However, in Australia, the profile of a drug abuser challenges these stereotypes. In our country, drug abuse is a problem not exclusive to unemployed or low skilled workers. In fact, there is one sector that is contributing to Australia’s…

mdma durg workplace australia

The MDMA Drug and Its Impact on the Australian Workplace

MDMA use is on the rise in Australia. In a shocking statement, even NSW Greens MP Cate Faehrmann recently came out about her own experience using drugs. In her own words: “I’ve occasionally taken MDMA at dance parties and music festivals. I know journalists, tradies, lawyers, public servants, doctors, police and yes, politicians (most well…

fake urine detection

Fake Urine Detection

Safework Laboratories has responded to the increase in synthetic or fake urine detection in our laboratories. At the moment it is a very small percentage of our overall laboratory workload, but the numbers are rising.

hair testing

Hair testing for illicit drugs in Australia

Hair testing for illicit drugs is incorrectly referred to as “hair follicle testing”. As a matter of fact, only the hair shaft goes undergoes testing and not the follicle beneath the scalp. Hair testing for drugs is rapidly becoming more frequent in Australia, primarily in: Family law court or disputed child custody situations Return to…