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5 Workplace Drug Testing Myths

Workplace drug testing has been around for some time now, but myths continue to surround it. Some of these myths are even being peddled as fact, and some employers and employees fall for them. Here are six of the most common workplace drug testing myths.

Price of Ice in Sydney Plunges

The ice epidemic in Australia is making a turn for the worse as the price of ice in Sydney falls, say Emma Partridge and Eamonn Duff in a report for the Brisbane Times. According to police sources, ice is now being sold for as little as $6000 an ounce in regional areas, a major drop from the…

Urine Drug Test Basics

The urine drug test is the most common method of workplace drug testing. In the interest of providing employees a safe and healthy working environment, many employers use the method for its proven quickness and accuracy in detecting traces of drugs in one’s urine sample. Also known as a urine drug screen or UDS, a…