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cocaine use in Australia

Cocaine use still growing despite COVID-19

Australia’s problem with widespread cocaine use continues despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Sydney police conducted major drug busts related to so-called ‘Dial-a-Dealer’ operations in the city from November to December 2020. Officers seized more than $170,000 worth of illicit drugs including cocaine, cannabis and MDMA. They also arrested 137 people, some of which were professionals…

Drug use in Australia during COVID-19

Drug use in Australia soars during COVID

Drug use trends in Australia continue to rise despite the impact of COVID-19 and the implementation of lock down measures. With state and federal governments adopting COVID lock down measures, many people expected that they could help curb drug abuse trends in the country. In theory, the move would severely limit people’s ability to buy…

addictive prescription drugs missing from hospital shelves

Addictive drugs disappear from Queensland hospitals

Thousands of highly addictive medicines have been stolen from several Queensland hospitals, presumably by the facilities’ own staff. In a recent ABC News article, journalist Allyson Horn brought light to a potential new drug ring in the state. Hospital workers have been stealing supplies of restricted drugs from their employers. Among the medicines taken were…