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GHB drug bust Melbourne

Public Warning against GHB Abuse in Melbourne

Melbourne police continue its crackdown on GHB abuse in the city, seizing $550,000 worth of drugs in recent raids. Local authorities found large amounts of GHB in homes in Rowville, Hallam, and Seaford in April. They also arrested four individuals, who were all charged with trafficking the drug in large commercial quantities. The seizure of…

Drug driving laws

Are Drug Driving Laws in Australia Unfair?

With the rise in illicit drug use, federal and state governments adopted drug driving laws to help keep impaired drivers off the road. The reasoning was that some drugs may inhibit people’s ability to make sound decisions while driving. But not everyone thinks that the legislation is actually doing its job. New South Wales magistrate…

Drug use COVID 19

Drug use in Australia during COVID-19

The COVID-19 restrictions are impacting the lives of many Australians, including those engaged in illicit drug use. With the government limiting the public’s movement, it’s a lot harder to buy drugs these days. So what does this mean for drug abuse in the workplace? Can we really expect it to go down?

Safework Laboratories COVID-19 FAQ

FAQ: Drug Testing at Work During COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be one of the biggest public health challenges in recent history. The highly infectious disease has already spread to more than 190 countries and territories, infecting nearly half a million people and killing tens of thousands in its first three months. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has asked individuals…