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Five Insane Workplace Drug Addiction Stories

We all know that drug addiction in the workplace is one of the worst and potentially devastating problems your company can encounter. It is not easy to spot drug addicts among the staff, as most of the time drug users are extremely good at hiding their habits. However, here is a selection of examples where…

Drug use COVID 19

Drug use in Australia during COVID-19

The COVID-19 restrictions are impacting the lives of many Australians, including those engaged in illicit drug use. With the government limiting the public’s movement, it’s a lot harder to buy drugs these days. So what does this mean for drug abuse in the workplace? Can we really expect it to go down?

employee refuses drug test

Can An Employee Refuse A Drug Test?

So your employee has refused a drug test. You are probably thinking — is this even possible? You’ve seen the figures: employee drug and alcohol use costs Australian businesses $6 billion per year in lost productivity.  As an employer, you have every reason to perform drug and alcohol testing. This is true not just in high-risk…