Drug use COVID 19

Drug use in Australia during COVID-19

The COVID-19 restrictions are impacting the lives of many Australians, including those engaged in illicit drug use. With the government limiting the public’s movement, it’s a lot harder to buy drugs these days. So what does this mean for drug abuse in the workplace? Can we really expect it to go down?

employee refuses drug test

Can An Employee Refuse A Drug Test?

So your employee has refused a drug test. You are probably thinking — is this even possible? You’ve seen the figures: employee drug and alcohol use costs Australian businesses $6 billion per year in lost productivity.  As an employer, you have every reason to perform drug and alcohol testing. This is true not just in high-risk…

aod training

How Drug and Alcohol Training Benefits Your Workplace

The strength of your company drug and alcohol policy lies in its proper application. Effective enforcement requires training, and lack of proper training is just as harmful as inconsistency.  You can have the most well-written drug and alcohol policy guidelines, but if your managers and supervisors lack the proper training to effectively implement it, it’s…

cocaine in Sydney

Cocaine Capital Sydney

Recent drug operations that include arrests and seizures in Sydney highlights once again the residents’ appetite for cocaine, as detailed in an article by Lucy Cormack for The Sydney Morning Herald. The authorities apprehended 55 people for either buying or selling the drug on the streets of Sydney’s affluent eastern suburbs. According to law enforcement,…