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Safework Laboratories provides a range of health and safety services including onsite drug and alcohol testing, device and consumable sales, onsite COVID-19 testing and pre-employment medicals. These products and services are designed to assist you in meeting your company’s workplace health and safety objectives.

Under work health and safety legislation, employers are obligated to keep their workers safe whilst they are at work. At the same time, employees are obligated to attend the workplace and be fit for work.

Safework Laboratories can help you navigate the challenges of managing risks caused by drug and alcohol misuse, or assist in adherence to your COVID Safe Plan with COVID-19 PCR and/or RAT services.

Our client services team are available 24/7, and our toxicologist, microbiologist and scientific personnel provide technical support when you need it.

For more than 10 years, Safework Laboratories have tailored solutions for our clients and have the experience, coverage, and health and safety services you need.

Keep your company, workplace and employees safe from drug-related incidents.

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Our Services

Safework Laboratories has a wide range of health and safety services in Australia that can be tailored to your needs.

onsite drug and alcohol testing

Onsite Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

SW Labs employs qualified Collectors across the country to deliver onsite drug and alcohol testing services at your workplace. Our Collectors have completed the nationally recognised HLTPAT005 Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing (or equivalent), so you can be confident in our compliance with Australian Standards, including chain of custody procedures.

A 24/7 national client services team located in Sydney means we are always available for post-incident and/or reasonable cause testing, so you can manage your onsite health and safety risks fast.

Whether it’s oral fluid or urine testing, we can help you keep your workplace safe.

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ultra fast turn around lab drug test results

Ultra-fast Turnaround for Laboratory Drug Test Results

SW Labs operates a national network of NATA accredited laboratories dedicated to testing drugs of abuse following Australian and New Zealand Standards for oral fluid (AS/NZS 4760:2019) and urine (AS/NZS 4308:2008).

Our laboratory testing capability also includes hair analysis, designer drug testing including cathinones, synthetic cannabinoids and other specific drug classes that may be prevalent in your industry. Results are available to you in our secure web portal within 24 business hours of receipt into the laboratory.

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drug alcohol policy development review

Drug and Alcohol Policy Development and Review

This is the most critical component of an effective drug and alcohol testing program. A comprehensive policy outlines the expectations of employees, visitors, and contractors. The most successful policies are developed in consultation with your workforce to ensure a mutual understanding of the methodology chosen (oral fluid or urine), breath alcohol limits, the procedure in the case of a non-negative onsite result, and what disciplinary action may result as a breach of the policy.

SW Labs has assisted many organisations across a wide range of industries to develop or review their drug and alcohol policies, ensuring compliance with Australian Standards and industry best practice.

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drug alcohol safety workplace training education awareness program

Training, Education, and Awareness Programs

Whilst getting your policy right is a crucial first step to introducing a drug and alcohol program. Education and training support for your workers is a very close second.

Educating your workers on the effects of drugs and alcohol and assisting supervisors to identify workers at risk of the misuse of drugs and/or alcohol will go a long way to keeping your workplace safe.

Our qualified training team partners with our clients to customise an education and training program suitable to your needs. All sessions can be delivered face to face or online.

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COVID-19 testing

COVID-19 Testing

SW Labs operates three NATA accredited PCR testing laboratories providing COVID-19 results to you in our secure web portal within 24 hours of receipt into the laboratory. A rapid turnaround time for results means your workers can get back to work faster. Operating 7 days per week, SW Labs can also assist with the onsite collection of nasopharyngeal swabs by qualified personnel at your workplace.

SW Labs also offers an onsite Rapid Antigen Testing service where trained and experienced staff can screen your workers before they start their shift. If you would like to do RAT screening yourself, we can provide you with devices and training.

To make a booking at one of our clinic locations, please click here.

SW Labs offer COVID-19 Test for Travel. Click here to make a booking.

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pre-employment medicals darwin and perth

Pre-Employment Medicals – Darwin and Perth

SW Labs offers pre-employment medicals in Darwin and Perth. We offer a wide range of pre-employment medicals from very low to high physical demand roles and functional capacity assessments.

SW Labs also offers standalone pre-employment drug and alcohol testing at our locations in Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Port Hedland, Sydney and Melbourne. Whether you need an instant onsite result or a laboratory screen we can help you.

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Do you know if your workers are affected by drugs or alcohol?

It is known that drug and alcohol misuse occurs in the community, and a large proportion of the community goes to work.

Therefore, it is not unreasonable to assume your company employs workers who may be affected by drugs and alcohol whilst at work.

Five Revealing Facts

Data sourced from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) 2019 National Drug Strategy Household Survey.

alcohol most used drug in Australia


Alcohol is the most used drug in Australia

1 in 10 people who drink may be experiencing alcohol dependence, with males more likely to suffer than females. 74% of these people had not sought assistance or treatment for their dependence.

More than 1 in 5 people had been verbally or physically abused, or put in fear by someone under the influence of alcohol, corresponding to 4.5 million Australians.

safework laboratories amphetamine canabis heroin


Amphetamines, cannabis and heroin are also popular

After alcohol, the most commonly abused substances found among Australians who sought treatment from 2019-2020 were amphetamines (28%), cannabis (18%), and heroin (5%)

people with jobs likely use alcohol and cocaine


People with jobs are more likely to use alcohol and cocaine

Some substances are more likely to be abused by people who are employed. They are more likely to drink alcohol above lifetime risk guidelines (21% of the employed compared to 13.5% of the unemployed) and use cocaine within the last 12 months (6.2% of the employed compared to 3.7% of the unemployed).

prescription medication cause harm


Prescription medications can still cause harm

In 2018, a majority of drug-induced deaths (excluding alcohol and tobacco) involved opioids, and 60% of those deaths were attributed to prescription drugs only.

medicinal canabis affect workplace


Medicinal Cannabis can affect your workplace

6.8% of people who used cannabis only used it for medical purposes. Only 3.9% of those who used cannabis for medical purposes obtained it by prescription. Cannabis used for medical reasons was usually obtained from a friend (51%), 22% from a dealer, 7.3% grew it themselves with the remaining having a prescription.

Pure cannabidiol (CBD) oil does not contain the psychoactive component of THC, and therefore does not have an impact on the workplace.

Why use us?

Super-Fast Lab Results

safework laboratories super fast lab results

24-hour turnaround time for NATA accredited results upon receipt of samples in the laboratory

Quality-Assured Service

safework laboratories super fast lab results

Safework Laboratories are
NATA accredited

Nationwide Reach

safework laboratories testing location map

National 24/7 customer service availability and coverage

Safework Laboratories – Dedicated to better health and safety

safework laboratories mobile drug testing

Mobile Drug Testing in Australia

SW Labs has a fleet of mobile drug testing clinics and can visit your workplace to perform onsite drug and alcohol screening.

safework laboratories mobile drug testing


Service is second to none

The service they provide is second to none and their performance is extremely professional… They always find solutions to any problems that we encounter and they always provide a good turnaround for results.

In the very highly unionised industrial environment that our company works in, testing providers need to be quite robust… in ensuring that employees follow processes and that they don’t take shortcuts for any of the required processes. Safework Laboratories testing providers ensure this occurs.

Manager, Human Resources
National Port Terminals

Extremely helpful in
incredible timeframes

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the assistance and support that Safework (and in particular Tynan) has given, particularly relating to a recent sample sent for testing.

Our leadership team has made numerous calls and emails to Tynan Tyren regarding this sample and he has been extremely helpful. Tynan has made himself available to take our calls, respond to our requests in incredible timeframes, and also educate us in the field of AOD. His assistance, education, patience, and due diligence whilst providing excellent service must be recognised.

Regional HR Operations
Mining WA

Exceptional turnaround

SW Labs has provided exceptional service and turn-around-times for PCR test results to date (under 24 hours), to support WSL’s compliancy with COVID Safe plan implemented for the first of the 4 World Championship Tour events in Australia, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bern Page
World Surf League Global Safety Senior Manager

safework laboratories world surf league

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